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HousePection's Services

HousePection’s pre purchase inspections are aimed at investigating the condition of the property including building and surrounds to present a ‘snapshot’ that would go a long way towards ‘peace of mind’ for the purchaser if its established that the indicators are all in order

Building inspections are carried out to investigate both the ‘structural’ and ‘pest’ issues of the property and is a comprehensive package of inspection services. Building inspections are usually carried out as a pre purchase inspections but also carried out on properties by the owners periodically over few years intervals to ensure the property remains ‘safe’ and retains its marketability.

Building Surveying services inspections are also carried out to achieve the following outcomes:
  • Inspections to certify that the construction is carried out in compliance with the regulations, according to approved design/documentation, etc.
  • Building permit applications to the council are also prepared as and when required.
  • Retrospective approvals applications are prepared as and when required

Timber pests are present in most of the areas in Australia and are a source of damage to the property and remain ‘hidden’ unless particular investigations are carried out.

Timber pest inspections allow the property owner to ensure that there are no ‘hidden’ hazards to the property by identifying such indicators.

The inspection will photograph the visible ‘hazards’ and indicate management techniques to be used to control/manage the pest infestation to ensure the property is protected from further damage.

The inspection is independent of any pest control products are service providers and will suggest 3 service providers to seek quotations from if the services are required.

Handing Over inspections are carried out at the completion of works and to ensure that the completed works are suitable to be handed over to the client by the builder.

The inspection lists defects present at that stage and is generally the responsibility of the builder to rectify within a time frame to be agreed between the client and the builder.

Defects inspections are carried out to resolve any differences between the client and the builder regarding defects in the construction works.

This inspection enables the building commission, the agency, that is called upon to resolve the differences and becomes an essential element of consideration in the process.

HousePections Service Agreement (2016)

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